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Basic Number Screening Test

Quickly gauge a learner's understanding of number and number operations.
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Basic Number Screening Tests (BNST) is a quick, reliable, standardised assessment focusing on a learner's understanding of numbers and number operations. Orally delivered, BNST highlights mathematical understanding over reading ability – perfect for tracking learners with suspected learning difficulties and lower-ability learners.  

Suitable for SEN learners

Recommended by Catch Up

Catch Up is a not-for-profit charity established to help learners who struggle with literacy and numeracy. 

Recommended by Catch Up Badge

Why choose BNST?

  • Track progress over time

  • Target your teaching

  • Maximise your time

  • Fits within your structure

Flexible, easy to administer and backed up by reports, BNST enables you to track progress over time:

  • Parallel forms help you closely monitor the progress of less-able learners at a cadence of your choosing. You can test monthly, termly or yearly to track progress.
  • Reports in Boost Insights give you oversight into past performance on the test and areas where learners are improving and not improving. 
  • Identify whole school, cohort and individual trends to determine areas of success and improvement.

Core features

  • Parallel forms

    Track progress by assessing similar content either side of a period of intervention.
  • Enhanced reporting

    Get actionable insights from your test results like standardised scores.
  • Digital mark sheets

    Digital mark sheets to make your marking quick and easy.
  • Updated standardisation

    Recently standardised against a representative sample.
  • Oral test

    Assess understanding of number and number operations, not reading ability.
  • Range of question difficulties

    Stretch learners with questions that cover a range of difficulty levels.

Download the brochure

If you would like to learn about use cases for BNST, please download our brochure today.

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What schools say about BNST

  • I would really recommend it. From being able to identify learning gaps early on... to being able to easily get clear information about how the children are doing, I think that this is a well thought out, really useful diagnostic tool for schools.
    Catrin Tingle
    Extended Leadership Team Member, Nine Acres Primary School
  • BNST is very useful as a baseline test for interventions and checking the effectiveness of the interventions as there are two strands to the test. It is also useful to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in children. The test is easy and quick to administer – it can be done in groups/whole classes which makes it time efficient. It is also easy to make and results can be seen in standardised scores or maths age.
    SENCo & SLT
    The Rissington School

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