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Boost Insights

Meet the next generation of assessment data analysis for schools and MATs. Boost Insights is the free data companion that provides actionable insights into your learners' progress and performance data. Built with teachers, for teachers.
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From Autumn 2024, Boost Insights replaces MARK as Hodder Education's free data companion for our trusted standardised assessments.

Our new platform allows schools to dig even deeper into their assessment, offering critical insights into learners' understanding and progress and empowering schools to make informed decisions, while improving the overall online experience for our users.

Empowering schools with data-driven insights

Download our guide to Boost Insight's free reports for individual learners, classes, year groups and whole schools.

Download Report Guide
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How can Boost Insights help?

Cut the admin time associated with recording, inputting, monitoring and analysing data.

A new bulk marking feature on marksheets streamlines the process of manually inputting results from test papers, while online assessments in Boost Insights are easily assigned and automatically marked!

Access attainment and progress insights in seconds with reports that are instantly generated and easy to understand. Clearly presented outcomes make it easier than ever to share performance data with key stakeholders.

What teachers are saying...

  • The detailed reports feature was exceptionally clear, providing a concise overview of the assessment... allows educators to quickly identify areas where students may need additional support or where they are excelling, facilitating targeted and effective interventions.
    Primary Maths Co-ordinator, St. George School, Madrid
    Boost Insights Triallist
  • It feels like a massive glow up. Definitely more user friendly, definitely easier to navigate. I feel like I can have the whole school attainment at my fingertips.
    Deputy Head Teacher, Dairy Meadow Primary School
    Boost Insights Triallist
  • This is a big improvement on a very useful product.
    Discovery Schools Trust
    Boost Insights Triallist
  • Fresh, current and clean
    Sam Eden, Education Development Advisor, Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust
    Boost Insights Triallist

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