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SNAP Maths

Online diagnostic SEN assessment that identifies learners who might have Maths learning difficulties or Maths anxiety.
SNAP Maths logo on a teal circle

SNAP Maths is a leading online diagnostic tool that saves SENCos time, gives targeted teaching strategies and builds a profile of a learner. All to boost a learner's confidence in Mathematics.

CurriculumAll major Mathematics curricula
Designed for SEN LearnersYes

How to use SNAP Maths

View our video tour of SNAP Maths and learn how it will empower you to help SEN learners.
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WINNER: SEND Resource, Product & Service

“SNAP Maths not only assesses their maths skills, but also identifies their emotional response to maths questions, which is important because maths anxiety is a key barrier to student progress and this tool enables teachers to detect and address this issue more effectively.”

- BETT 2024 Judges

BETT 2024 Winners Medal

Why choose SNAP Maths

  • Build a core profile of a learner

  • Reduce workload burden

  • Track progress

  • Boost parental involvement

  • Delivered by anyone

SNAP Maths will help you build a Mathematical profile of a learner with questionnaires, an online assessment and Fluency Booster activities.

  • Three questionnaires to help gather information about a learner from three sources: the learner, the learner's parent or carer, and the teacher.
  • An online diagnostic assessment that will identify a learner's Mathematical areas of improvement, including potential Maths learning difficulties, and their emotional response to Maths e.g. Maths anxiety.
  • Follows the Assess. Plan. Do. Review. framework for SEN learners.

Core features

  • Three Questionnaires

    Gather information from the teacher, parent or carer and the learner
  • 10 Fluency Booster Activities

    Set online activities throughout the period of intervention to measure progress.
  • Data and Reports

    Use the core profile to access reports and gain actionable insights into a learner's emotional reaction to Mathematics.
  • Targeted Interventions

    Access interventions that align with the results of the questionnaires and online assessment.

Book a demo

Contact your local Assessment Consultant to book a demo of SNAP Maths.

Download the brochure

If you would like to learn about use cases for SNAP Maths, please download our Evaluation Pack today.

SNAP Maths brochure cover

Free Maths anxiety strategies

Take a peek at a Maths anxiety strategy in SNAP Maths that encourages a positive 'growth mindset' for learners identified with Maths anxiety.

Snap Maths sample strategies cover

What schools think about SNAP Maths

  • SNAP Maths provides a way of assessing a number of children quickly over a range of key skills. It requires the children to show their understanding independently.
    Boarshaw Primary School
  • SNAP Maths is a game changer for identifying specific learning needs and then taking steps to help children improve their fluency in important building blocks for good numeracy.
    Thomas Mills High School
  • It's a tool that... provide[s] teachers with valuable assessment data without increasing their workload.
    Victoria Primary Academy

About the Authors

Judy Hornigold

Judy is an independent education consultant specialising in dyslexia and dyscalculia and an Associate Tutor for the BDA and Edge Hill University. Judy is a primary-trained teacher and a qualified specialist teacher of dyslexia. She’s written two books of ready-made lessons for learners with dyscalculia.

Charles Weedon

Charles taught maths and English before focussing on learning difficulties and supporting special needs. His Master’s and Doctoral degrees explored the nature of learning difficulties, and he has been an Honorary Fellow at Edinburgh University and a Visiting Scholar at Stirling.  He is a registered Practitioner Educational Psychologist, and his published work has focussed upon understanding and assessing learning difficulties.

Jonathan Weedon

Jonathan has over ten years of experience as a primary educator and has a particular interest in the use of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approaches to support learning in maths, and in the use of digital technology to enhance learning.

Alongside co-authoring SNAP Maths, he is currently working as a Numeracy Development Lead for his Local Authority in Midlothian, focusing on curriculum development, and supporting teachers and schools to implement evidence-based pedagogical approaches to teaching maths.

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