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Raising the bar: Overcoming barriers and achieving success in A-level Law for black students

Abiola Adeboyejo
Hosted By Abiola Adeboyejo

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Raising the bar: Overcoming barriers and achieving success in A-level Law for black students

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Register for this webinar to explore how you can support more black students study A-level Law.

In 2020, half of young black students in the UK said that some of the biggest obstacles they faced in attaining success were cost, a lack of extracurricular support and their teachers' perceptions of them. According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority in 2022, the overall proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic lawyers working in law firms was 18%, with only 3% being black. It has also been found that approximately 90, or just 1% of partners at major UK law firms (firms with 10+ partners) identify as Black (Solicitors Regulation Authority, 2022). There are nearly five times more Asian partners than Black partners, and 90% of the 13,403 partners at major law firms in the UK identify as White.

This session will provide practical tips, guidance and resources to help you remove the barriers black students may face when deciding to study A-level Law, whilst improving their chances of progressing to study Law at university or through the legal apprenticeship route. Abi Adeboyejo, an experienced A-level Law teacher, examiner and founder of The Tyro Lawyer, a mentoring programme for school and college students, will share her insights and experience on the following topics:


  • Identify and gain new strategies to motivate black students to engage in A-level Law and the legal profession.
  • Explore agencies and platforms for enrichment and support for all students interested in a career in the legal profession.
  • Learn how to develop employability skills to successfully complete applications for university, apprenticeships and work experience, for black students interested in a career in the legal profession.

This session is essential for any Law teacher who wants to make a difference in the lives of their black students.

Booking reference:  3101040724

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