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Professional Development & Student Events

We support thousands of students every year through a wide range of in-person and online professional development courses. We also offer in-person and online revision and enrichment events for students.
Professional Development & Student Events

What types of events do we offer?

  • Online PD

    Take part in professional development from any location. We offer 90-minute Teacher Webinars for focused topic areas and 4-hour Online Teacher Workshops (2 x 2-hour sessions) for more in-depth content.
  • In-person PD

    Join us for an in-person training day and have the chance to connect with your peers, as well as our expert trainers. All courses take place in London and some also run in other UK cities.
  • Bespoke PD

    We can arrange bespoke, in-house training, where you decide what you want to focus on and we work with an expert in that area to create an agenda that is tailored exactly to your school or department’s requirements.
  • Revision webinars for students

    Add something different to your revision plans by joining a 90-minute after-school revision webinar. Led by experienced examiners and teachers, our student webinars are packed with advice to boost confidence and grades.
  • Enrichment days for students

    Looking for a new idea for a school trip? Our in-person student conferences will inspire your class, with opportunities to hear from leading experts and academics in the field.
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