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New GaPS

Standardised termly grammar, punctuation and spelling assessments for learners aged 5-11. Available in print and digital format with free reporting and test data analysis.
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New GaPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) is a termly GPS/SPaG assessment for ages 5-11, standardised on over 7,000 learners to reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages whilst familiarising learners with National Tests.

New GaPS assessments follow the National Test framework and reflect papers in format, content and demand. Confidently assess all national curriculum content domains and generate thorough and consistent diagnostic profiles for your learners whilst helping to prepare them for their National Tests.

Why choose New GaPS?

  • Reliable assessment outcomes

  • Time-saving and easy to administer

  • Free reporting and data analysis

  • Linked to GPS interventions

New GaPS assessments have followed a rigorous standardisation process to ensure they provide valid and reliable data outcomes to measure attainment and track progress.

  • Standardised on a nationally representative sample of over 7,000 pupils in 2023/24.
  • Automatically generated Standardised Scores allow you to compare performance against national averages.
  • Age-standardised Scores show how a learner is performing against children of the same age, calculated in years and months.
  • GPV Ages (grammar, punctuation and vocabulary) and Spelling Ages measure the age at which each learner's performance is typical and help to isolate areas in which learners are stronger. Ages also provide useful reference points when discussing performance with parents.
  • Hodder Scale Scores help to track progress for learners who are working outside of their age range but continue to make small increments of progress.
  • Analyse gaps in learning

    Identify strengths and weaknesses at a strand and question level for individual learners, classes or groups to inform targeted teaching.
  • Track learner progress

    Easily track the performance of learners over time with progress reports, comparing overall results and strand performance across multiple termly tests.
  • Predict National Test success

    Predict the likelihood of success in National Tests with a high degree of accuracy.

Download the Digital Evaluation Pack

View sample pages and learn more about New GaPS, including assessment outcomes, coverage and structure.


Gain actionable assessment data insights

Harness the power of Boost Insights, our test data analysis platform, FREE with your New GaPS purchase.

Instantly generate reports for individual learners, groups or whole schools and build a comprehensive profile of progress and attainment in your school or MAT.

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Unlock diagnostically driven GPS interventions

Effectively plug knowledge gaps with Shine Interventions, driven by learners' New GaPS assessment results.

Instantly identify learners with gaps in their knowledge and download targeted interventions in a click!

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