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Diagnostic Spelling Tests

Easy-to-administer group or individual standardised spelling tests that identify the aspects of spelling learners are finding difficult.
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Diagnostic Spelling Tests (DST) is a series of easy-to-administer spelling tests that go beyond identifying if a learner can correctly spell a word. The assessment identifies the root cause of spelling difficulties including the certain aspects of spelling learners are finding difficult. 

525 (Test 1-3 = 5-12; Test 3-5 = 9+)
Suitable for SEN learners

Why choose DST?

  • Track progress after intervention

  • Plan lessons effectively

  • Drill down into specific spelling areas

  • Obtain actionable insight

Each of the five tests has a parallel form, carefully matched in content and difficulty, simplifying tracking progress after a period of intervention. 

  • Understand what aspects of spelling have been covered in their lessons.
  • Determine if individuals or groups are finding certain aspects of spelling difficult to learn.

Core features

  • Age-appropriate parallel forms

    Test your learners on content relevant to them with age-appropriate parallel forms.
  • Follow-up tests that focus on one type of spelling structure

    Get more analysis on specific areas of spelling like vowel diagraphs and suffixes.
  • Manual

    You can access everything you need in the accompanying manual including marking analysis sheets.

Download the brochure

Want more info on DST? Download our brochure to learn more.


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