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Access Mathematics Tests

Accurately identify a learner's mathematical skills and areas of improvement at the start and end of a period of intervention. Publishes 30/08/24
Access Mathematics Tests logo in a pale blue circle with teal rim

Access Mathematics Tests is a progress test that helps you compare learners ages 10-16 against their cohort at a school and national-level, understand their mathematical skills and areas where they can improve, and provide targeted interventions throughout their education. 

CurriculumSuitable for all curricula
FormatOnline, interactive tests or print tests
Suitable for SEN learnersYes

How does Access Mathematics Tests work?

Meet Alex, your new learner. Watch how Access Mathematics Tests supports you and Alex as they progress through your school.
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Why choose Access Mathematics Tests

  • Accurately benchmark

  • Track student progress and impact

  • More effective lesson planning

  • Identify learners who might need support

  • Works alongside what you teach

  • Saves you more time

Access Mathematics Tests has been standardised across 2023 and 2024 against more than 15,000 test submissions from a representative sample.

  • Identify students who are below or above the representative sample's average and how they compare to learners the same age as them.
  • Determine what strand gaps learners need support on at an individual and group level and target your teaching as a result.

Core features

  • Online & interactive or print tests available

    You can purchase Access Mathematics Tests as online, interactive tests or as paper tests.
  • Up-to-date standardisation

    Access Mathematics Tests was standardised in 2023 and 2024.
  • Works alongside multiple curricula

    Access Mathematics Tests works alongside all major mathematical curricula. Whatever you teach, wherever you teach, it delivers for you.
  • Parallel forms

    Test at the start and end of a period of intervention to see how a learner is progressing.
  • Free mark scheme & test guidance

    The mark scheme for Access Mathematics Tests is available for free online.

Download the brochure

If you would like to learn about Access Mathematics Tests, please download our brochure today.

Access Mathematics Tests Brochure

Access our enhanced reporting platform

With Access Mathematics Tests, you automatically get access to Boost Insights. Check it out!

Unlock diagnostically driven Maths interventions

Effectively plug knowledge gaps with Shine Interventions, driven by learners' Access Mathematics Tests assessment results.

Instantly identify learners with gaps in their knowledge and download targeted interventions in a click!

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