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Student Guides

Reinforce understanding throughout your A-level course to target higher grades. These two-in-one books contain clear topic summaries and sample questions and answers.
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What's included in the books?

  • Content guidance

    Develop understanding of the key concepts that students need to know with clear topic summaries. 'Knowledge-check' questions at the end of each topic help to consolidate learning.
  • Sample questions and answers

    Build understanding of the different question types and boost confidence. Sample answers for example questions are annotated to explain why marks have been awarded.

What do customers like about the books?

  • Amazing. Makes A-level Biology understandable and manageable. I've been getting a head start over the summer and this is really helping. Biology is a very difficult subject, but this book has allowed me to understand it with no help from teachers. The questions and answers are really good to help you apply the knowledge you have gained and make it fun!
    Amazon review
    CCEA AS Unit 1 Biology Student Guide
  • The sample questions, answers and mark schemes at the end of the guide are very useful for students and teachers alike in understanding what they need to be able to do to achieve top marks.
    Amazon review
    WJEC/Eduqas A-level Year 1 Business Student Guide
  • Really helpful revision guide with all the relevant and key information.
    Amazon review
    AQA A-level Sociology Student Guide

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