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Cambridge Primary Revise

Assess knowledge and progress and boost confidence with our Study Guides and Teacher's Handbooks for English, World English, Mathematics and Science.
Cambridge Primary Revise

These titles have not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.

Teacher Handbooks

Focus revision where learners need most support and ensure coverage of the Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks with clearly identified learning aims and easy-to-follow teaching notes.

  • Assess knowledge and progress with structured practice tests and whole-class activities.
  • Improve understanding and technique with photocopiable resources such as model texts, practice questions and games.
  • Introduce strategies for supporting recall and revision with further ideas to stretch learners and marking guidance.

Study Guides

Build, reinforce and assess knowledge with additional practice and revision activities for all strands of the Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks.

  • Boost confidence and check students' progress with review tests and practice questions
  • Improve technique with a range of engaging activities and worked examples.
  • Consolidate knowledge with key content presented in a manageable and focussed format.

    The Cambridge Primary Revise for Study Guides can be used independently for homework or additional
    practice, or alongside the Teacher's Guides in the classroom.

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