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John Catt

Discover a range of professional development books, resources and conferences from John Catt, designed to support teachers and learners in both primary and secondary schools.
John Catt

About John Catt

Since 1959, John Catt has been dedicated to publishing high-quality guidebooks, magazines, and professional development books for educators. In 2021, we became part of the Hodder Education family, enhancing our global reach in supporting teaching, learning, and assessment.

Our commitment to quality has made us the leading publisher in the professional development sector. We publish around 50 books each year, covering areas such as SEND, Wellbeing, Leadership, Pastoral, and much more. We also offer online conferences tackling key topics and the latest developments in education.

At John Catt, we take pride in our esteemed position in the education sector and the trust we've earned from schools and educators. This trust is a testament to our dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and our adaptability in a constantly evolving world.

Our authors

We partner with some of the most respected educators and thought leaders, including teachers, SLT and headteachers, researchers, union leaders, former Secretaries of State, senior civil servants and journalists. Our author list includes:

  • Tom Sherrington
  • Tom Bennett
  • Oliver Caviglioli
  • Kate Jones
  • Mary Myatt
  • Craig Barton
  • Adam Boxer
  • Emma Turner

New releases

Discover our latest releases, such as:

  • Learning Walkthrus
  • The Classroom Management Handbook
  • Direct Instruction: A practitioner's handbook
  • Teaching One-Pagers
  • 100 for 100 – Macbeth: 100 days. 100 revision activities
  • Critical Pedagogy: A teacher's companion
  • Responsive Coaching:
  • Time to Think 2

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