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Changing Histories for KS3

Change the history that pupils learn at KS3. Reframe familiar topics, discover forgotten stories and amplify unheard voices. This new course from Christine Counsell and a team of 20 authors publishes from 2024 onwards.
Changing Histories for KS3

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Contains four chapters from the first book, Connected Worlds.

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About the course

Through an evocative, story-based approach, this ground-breaking course brings together historical scholarship and enquiry, presenting a truly diverse, inclusive and ambitious history curriculum.

This is the history we owe to our pupils. This is the past for today and tomorrow.

  • Establish a strong foundation of British history

    A clear, chronological spine underpins each book, empowering pupils with the knowledge they need to understand, question or disrupt national narratives.
  • Teach a diverse curriculum with confidence

    Gender, class, race and religion are treated with sensitivity and sophistication, intrinsically woven into the content to create perspective on social, economic, religious and political history.
  • Trust a meticulously planned approach

    Each 'enquiry' chapter helps pupils to shape an extended answer to the overarching question, with carefully paced 'steps' that support pupils in processing substantive knowledge. Shorter 'story summary' chapters keep narratives moving in between the enquiries.
  • Benefit from some of the best minds in history education

    Leaders in history curriculum, practice, research and debate, the authors have poured their expertise into every page, making quality history accessible to all.
  • Stay up to date with historical scholarship

    The authors have undertaken extensive reading, so every chapter is informed by current research from historians such as Helen Castor, Ruby Lal and Toby Green.
  • Journey far beyond Britain

    Move between local and global, between small details and wider developments, as the books blend depth and overview, expanding pupils' knowledge of people, places and events around the world and the links between them.
  • Use the power of story to transform your teaching

    Captivated by vivid, intriguing narratives, pupils will remember more than they ever have before. See their literacy improve as they encounter a wide vocabulary in context, become immersed in rich, quality texts, and enjoy hearing the book read aloud or reading it themselves.
  • Deliver the aspirational curriculum that Ofsted expects

    The course embodies the requirements for scope, coherence, rigour and sequencing. The Changing Histories curriculum is a progression model. Skills and knowledge are built systematically across each lesson sequence and new material makes sense to pupils because of the content covered earlier.

Boost digital resources

Bring the worlds of Changing Histories to life with planning, teaching and assessment resources created by outstanding teachers who have been following the course in their classrooms for several years.

You can see what's included in Boost for Connected Worlds, the first title from the Changing Histories course, on our infographic.

Find out more about Boost
<img src="changing-histories-ks3-boost.png" alt="”>

Reviews and endorsements

  • This series is a must have for all History departments. The story approach is a power tool in the History teacher toolkit. These accessible and inclusive stories build drama, suspense and transport pupils back to the time and place being studied. The images and carefully designed pages work fantastically well with the text, helping to build an immersive world for pupils to study and enjoy.
    Colin McCormick
    Lecturer in Secondary History Education, Edge Hill University
  • Changing Histories offers a refreshing take on History education, combining storytelling with rigorous scholarship to create a compelling learning experience. This series is sure to captivate students' imaginations and inspire a lifelong passion for History. Highly recommended for educators seeking to bring the past to life in their classrooms, making learning accessible to all, regardless of their ability.
    Katie Amery
    Trust Director of History, Co-op Academies
  • Literacy is one of our big Ofsted targets and the focus on stories and reading rich text in Changing Histories will help us to make real progress in this area. I'm equally impressed with the accompanying Boost teaching and learning resources. Packed full of resources including videos of historians discussing topics in the book and planning and teaching videos with the textbook authors, Boost offers fantastic value for money.
    Sam Slater
    Head of History, The Victory Academy
  • The Changing Histories series is a brilliant resource to support great History teaching. The focus on stories and vivid descriptions of period and place create memorable moments for students that really support historical understanding and, what's more, a love, interest and curiosity about the past. This new storytelling-centred curriculum will be fantastic for engaging students and encouraging them to continue their study of History at GCSE and beyond.
    Pete Jackson
    Head of History, Ryedale School

Watch our webinar with Christine Counsell

Get inspired with Christine's masterclass on using stories, voices and text in secondary history.
Watch the webinar
Watch our webinar with Christine Counsell

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