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teacher event

Pearson Edexcel A-level Politics with Global: Using feedback from the exams to raise attainment

Jessica Hardy
Hosted By Jessica Hardy
Sarra Jenkins
Hosted By Sarra Jenkins
Clare Stansfield
Hosted By Clare Stansfield


Hosted on Zoom

Date & Time:

2024/09/25 16:00
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teacher event

Pearson Edexcel A-level Politics with Global: Using feedback from the exams to raise attainment

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Split across two online two-hour sessions, this online workshop will focus on A-level Politics exams, with sessions on UK Politics, Political Ideas and Global Politics, to help you develop your understanding of how to raise attainment in 2025.

Looking at source questions and example answers, this online workshop focuses on what the examiners are looking for in terms of content, structure of answers and Assessment Objectives for different aspects of Pearson Edexcel A-level Politics.

  • Identify common strengths and weaknesses in student responses and find out how you can develop students’ knowledge and confidence for the future
  • Obtain specific advice on Papers 1 and 2, and 12-mark Global Politics questions and essays
  • Examine sample answers and discuss expected content, recognising top tips and potential pitfalls to avoid

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    Pete Richardson
    Deputy Headteacher, Walton le Dale Primary Schoo
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    Fiona Thompson
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    Joshua Perry
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  • My pupils like the way they can follow the content to help them with structuring their unit reports and the content itself prompts them with what they need to include to achieve top marking bands.
    Mr Swainston-Harrison
    Holme Grange School

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