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Cambridge Nationals

We provide a range of resources to support the redeveloped Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge Nationals, including textbooks, revision guides, workbooks, Boost teaching and learning courses and eBooks. Our resources cover Child Development, Creative iMedia, Engineering Design, Enterprise & Marketing, Health & Social Care, IT, Sport Science and Sport Studies.

What resources are available?

  • Student Books (paperbacks and eBooks)

    Student Books (paperbacks and eBooks)

    Strengthen your learners' understanding of the content and boost the skills required to tackle the NEA with confidence. Written by the names that you know and trust and endorsed by OCR, our second edition textbooks are structured to match the specification and provide learners with the information required to build knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Boost teaching and learning resources

    Boost teaching and learning resources

    Our textbooks are supported by a packages of flexible digital resources, available on Boost. These digital packages provide you with the tools to easily create outstanding lessons that ensure whole-class progression using a range of classroom-ready PowerPoints, printable worksheets, written tests and interactive knowledge tests - with updates to the content every year.
  • Revision and exam practice books

    Revision and exam practice books

    Prepare students for exam success! Our revision guides combine clear content coverage with practical study tips and effective revision strategies to consolidate learning and build confidence. Plus, our Exam Practice Workbooks enable students to practise their skills and understand how to apply their knowledge effectively, with varied activities and practice questions.
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