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The New ISEB 13+ Specifications

There have been a lot of changes to the ISEB subject specifications over the past year as part of the reform of CE. This has initiated a lot of imaginative thinking from the ISEB subject setting teams in consultation with prep and senior schools and the result is an exciting, creative and academically rigorous set of subject specifications.

Of course, any changes of this kind are both exciting and daunting for teachers and pupils alike and that is why ISEB have been so keen to see a range of attractive and accessible resources published for our teachers and pupils. We are fortunate to have so many subject experts and practitioners who have taken the new specifications and turned them into imaginative and attractive books. As chair of ISEB’s Editorial and Endorsement Committee (which oversees all publications endorsed by ISEB) I have been in the privileged position of seeing all the excellent new publications produced by various publishers and especially Hodder Education (formerly Galore Park). Perhaps the greatest accolade I can give these publications is that I keep saying to myself, ‘If only I had had textbooks like these when I was at prep school.’ These are not dry factual books but ones which fully engage with pupils by getting them to think for themselves and to reflect on how a particular topic engages with the wider world. That is the essence of excellent education.

Michael Wilcockson, Chair of ISEB’s Editorial and Endorsement Committee

The new ISEB CE 13+ specifications are for first teaching from September 2021 and first examinations from November 2022.

Hodder Education (formerly Galore Park) have published new textbooks, eBooks and textbook answers to match the new ISEB CE 13+ specifications for English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. These new resources will help your pupils achieve their full potential in the ISEB CE 13+ exams and other Independent School exams at 13+. Accompanying revision and exam practice resources for English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Latin and French will follow in 2022.

Order our new CE 13+ textbooks and revision books online here.

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