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Fiction and non-fiction for Black History Month and beyond


There is a wealth of non-fiction out there today that helps us to understand and celebrate the history of Black Britons and what it means to be Black in Britain today. These are some of the books we think are definitely worth a read.


Non-fiction is not the only way of learning about history and the experiences of others. Fiction lets us look into other people’s worlds and go some way to understanding their experiences. Here’s a list of some fantastic fiction by Black authors, some contemporary and some classic, that our team at Hodder Education and others have recommended. Some are about Britain, but we couldn’t resist putting some in from further afield too.

Black British fiction

And some other excellent books:

We’d love to hear your book recommendations too! Please leave a comment below. (To leave a comment, you must be logged in to the Hodder Education website. Registering for a website account is completely free and you can do so here).

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