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Mathematic Assessment for Learning & Teaching

Diagnose common errors and misconceptions in Mathematics across a learner's school career.
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Mathematics Assessment for Learning & Teaching (MaLT) is a nationally standardised test designed for screening, monitoring and tracking progress, as well as for individual diagnostic profiling that enables you to provide an engaging learning experience to all your learners. 

CurriculumAll major UK Curricula
Suitable for SEN learners

Why choose MaLT?

  • Informs your teaching

  • Involves all learners

  • Track progress over time

  • Quick and simple to administer

MaLT gathers results that you can use to inform your teaching as a learner progresses through your year groups:

  • Year-on-year testing provides you with data on a learner as they get older, highlighting the common errors and misconceptions they continually make.
  • Questions are mapped to strands to help you see how learners are performing and provide the info you need.
  • Tweak your Mathematical lesson plans to reflect the common misconceptions and guarantee learners can turn errors into strengths.

Core features

  • Teacher's manual

    Contains all the key information in one place.
  • Standardised assessment

    Standardised against 12,500 students.
  • Takes 45 minutes to complete

    MaLT can be taken in the length of an average lesson.

Download the brochure

If you would like to learn about MaLT, please download our brochure today.


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