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Hachette Learning

Hodder Education is changing to Hachette Learning
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Changing our name

We’ve got some exciting news! From January 2025, Hodder Education, including our imprint John Catt Educational, will operate under the new name Hachette Learning.

This business name change aligns with our long-standing parent company, Hachette UK, and reflects our ambition to deliver education and learning solutions that meet the needs of institutions worldwide.

While our name is changing, it will be business as usual for our customers. The way you use our products and services will remain the same, and we’ll continue to deliver the same high-quality solutions and collaborative learning experiences you’d expect from Hodder Education and John Catt Educational.


Why we're changing

As a trusted leader in educational solutions since 1868, Hodder Education is growing fast. To support this growth and meet the diverse needs of our customers, we are adopting the name of our longstanding parent company, Hachette UK. With a rich history spanning 198 years, Hachette UK is one of the world’s largest publishers, providing us with unparalleled global reach and expertise. 

This significant milestone in our journey towards global educational impact will be marked by a revamped identity and a more consolidated approach starting January 2025. While our commitment to delivering innovative, accessible, and pedagogically robust educational solutions continues immediately.

Preserving our legacy

Hodder Education is known for secondary products such as Springboard Science, My Revision Notes, and Progress in Geography. Under the new name Hachette Learning, we are committed to maintaining our strong presence in the UK secondary school market. While the books will be published under Hachette Learning, they will continue to prominently feature the Hodder Education name on their covers.

John Catt Educational has been part of Hodder Education, since 2021, further strengthening our ability to support teaching, learning, and assessment worldwide. Under the new name Hachette Learning, we will continue to collaborate with some of the most highly regarded educational authors in the UK to publish high quality educator-focused professional development resources.


Introducing Hachette Learning

We’re on a mission to help every learner reach their full potential. As Hachette Learning, we aim to empower everyone involved in education, giving them the skills, solutions and confidence they need to take learning to the next level.

Our new name recognises that learning is a lifelong process that continues beyond a school or college education, and applies to teachers, school leaders, parents and students equally. Because Learning never stops.

Seshni Jacobs, CEO of Hodder Education said: "This name change represents a pivotal step as we focus on becoming a digital-first, global business, with our customers always front and centre. We remain the home of Hodder Education, but with offices spanning the globe and a network of international partners, Hachette Learning will offer unparalleled global reach, ensuring educators and learners worldwide have access to high-quality educational materials and services. Aligning our identity with Hachette UK now lays a strong foundation for future growth and recognition, and I am truly excited to embark on this new chapter." 

David Shelley, CEO of Hachette UK and Hachette Book Group said: “Education is changing fast, as technology drives more personalised learning and greater global collaboration. While Hodder Education’s overall name may change, our trusted brand remains in the UK, along with its dedication to providing high-quality products and services remains unwavering. Its legacy of excellence will continue to be reflected in Hachette Learning's offerings.” 

Thank you for supporting us on this exciting new journey. 

For any questions, please email comms@hoddereducation.co.uk


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