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We provide a range of resources for Common Entrance 11+ pre-tests and entrance exams, including revision guides, workbooks, practice papers and Boost eBooks. Our resources support the ISEB, GL and CEM assessments.

What resources are available?

  • 11+ and Pre-Test Revision Guides

  • Workbooks

  • 11+ Practice Papers

  • 11+ and Pre-Test Study Skills

Consolidate revision with all the key information in one place and help students to understand the question types for all topics which could be tested in pre-tests and 11 plus entrance exams. 

  • Designed for short bursts of study that can easily fit around homework
  • Features helpful insight into the exams, with examples, practical tips and advice​​
  • ​Test understanding and technique with timed, levelled, exam-style questions
11+ revision guide covers for Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Science, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Which exam are you sitting?

  • The ISEB 11+ Common Entrance Exam

  • GL and CEM Practice Papers

  • Pre-Tests

The 11+ Common Entrance (CE) assessments are taken by pupils in Year 6, mainly for entrance into independent senior girls’ schools. Pupils will sit exams in three subjects in either the Spring or the Autumn term during Year 6.

At 11+ CE, pupils will sit exams in English, Maths and Science.

Unlike the 13+ Common Entrance where there are different levels of exam according to candidates’ abilities or length of time spent studying the subject, there is only one level for 11+ Common Entrance.

Atom Learning

Online adaptive mock tests for pre-test and 11+ exams.

We've partnered with Atom Learning, an online adaptive mock test area that mirrors real pre-tests. Atom Learning is ideal for using alongside Hodder Education's three step revision journey.

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