We’ve published a range of brand-new resources to support secondary schools with the new Curriculum for Wales, for first teaching from 2023. With books and digital teacher materials, these resources support learning for ages 11-14 and will help teachers and students navigate the new curriculum with confidence.

The Curriculum for Wales has been developed in Wales, by practitioners for practitioners, bringing together educational expertise and wider research and evidence. Our new curriculum resources are designed to reflect the Welsh context and to help students develop a sense of cynefin and identity as a citizen of Wales and the world. With inspiring ideas and engaging content, our resources will help you to address the 'what matters' statements and purposes in five different Areas of Learning and Experience, and support students as they progress throughout the curriculum.

We’ve worked in collaboration with University of Wales Press on our new Curriculum for Wales publishing, to make sure we create resources that are tailored to the new curriculum and that explore Welsh culture and heritage in an authentic way. Find out more about University of Wales Press and their resources in Welsh and English languages: visit www.uwp.co.uk or www.gwasgprifysgolcymru.org

The books and Boost eBooks have been reviewed by UWP. The Boost courses have not been reviewed by UWP. Computing and Design and Technology are not part of the collaboration with UWP.

Explore our new curriculum resources

Science and Technology

Support Science and Technology for the new curriculum with resources for Science, Computing and Design & Technology

Each resource will enable you to easily plan and deliver an engaging curriculum within each subject, whilst also supporting a holistic approach with links to thematic content across the Area of Learning and Experience.

Mathematics and Numeracy

Create confident and capable mathematicians with accessible explanations and engaging activities - discover three new books supported by digital teaching and learning resources. 

Use these resources flexibly to help design your Mathematics and Numeracy curriculum, whilst also making links to other Areas of Learning and Experience, such as Science and Technology.


Our resources for the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience include brand-new books for History, Geography and Religion, Values and Ethics, available in paperback and eBook format.

Plus, design a thematic approach with a digital package of teaching and learning resources which will offer content and guidance on how to design and deliver thematic Humanities content for the new curriculum.

Health and Well-being

Explore the importance of health and well-being and develop students' motivation, resilience, empathy and decision-making abilities as they become healthy, capable and confident members of society.

Our accessible eBook and supporting digital teaching and learning resources support the new curriculum, providing inspiring ideas and engaging content to enable flexible delivery of the Health and Well-being AoLE.

Languages, Literacy and Communication

Encourage students to engage with the Welsh language as they discover more about their country, literature and heritage, while developing the skills needed for GCSE. Discover our WJEC endorsed textbook and supporting digital teaching and learning resources.

Also available for the Languages, Literacy and Communication AoLE: a free, editable Curriculum Builder for English.

Free Curriculum Builders

Free Curriculum Builders

A free, editable Curriculum Builder is available for each subject area to support teachers as they design and deliver their own curriculum. Click below to download yours today.

Download free Curriculum Builders
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Find out more about and read guidance on the new Curriculum for Wales by visiting the Welsh government website.

GCSE, A-level and FE resources


Discover our range of Welsh curriculum resources for GCSE, A-level, and Vocational qualifications. We work closely with WJEC to ensure you have the print and digital resources you need to support teaching and learning across a range of subjects.

Chat to your local Hodder Education consultant to get the latest information about our resources, discuss your school's resourcing needs and get a bespoke quote.

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