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A new focus on...KS3 History

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A new focus on...Textbooks for KS3 History
Looking to diversify your KS3 curriculum?

A new focus on... is designed to be used flexibly, with enquiries that will complement and enhance your existing schemes of work.

Look at topics through a different lens, see the past from many perspectives and question traditional narratives.

Black Lives in Britain, c.1500–present



Meet the people, visit the places and hear the stories that do justice to Black British history.

This is the first school textbook of this century that focuses solely on the history of Black people in Britain – and approaches that history with the rigour, relevance and extensive research that it deserves.

The British Empire, c.1500–present



It's time to tell the story of the Empire from the perspectives of peoples who were colonised.

Understand the nuances of the British Empire in different periods and places as you examine this complex, controversial history with respect and rigour.

British Social History, c.1920–2000



Take a fresh look at life in 20th century Britain, through the eyes of those whose history has too often been neglected.

This is the first time that a school textbook has woven together experiences of disability, the LGBTQ+ community, women and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people, against the backdrop of key events and changes in this 80-year period.

Sample booklet

Sample booklet

Contains extracts from all three titles in the series

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Free resources for teachers

Understand how and where to incorporate A new focus on… into your KS3 schemes of work and feel more confident teaching each topic.

A new focus on... KS3 History: Free resources for teachers

Webinar on The British Empire

Watch the recording of our webinar 'Teaching the British Empire at KS3: Challenges, solutions and approaches', which took place in March 2023.

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