Spirit and Life: KS3 RED for Catholic Schools

Spirit and Life KS3: Religious Education Directory for Catholic schools

Navigate the new Religious Education Directory (RED) with confidence - discover our new suite of resources, including three Student Books each supported by a package of digital teaching and learning resources. Spirit and Life has been designed by experienced teachers and diocesan advisors to provide engaging content tailored to the new Directory. The Year 7 resources are out now, with Year 8 and Year 9 to follow in 2024.

Encourage students to engage with Catholic Religious Education at KS3 and enable them to understand, discern and respond to key concepts and ideas - our accessible Student Books are available in paperback and eBook formats.

Spirit and Life Book 1 has received an Imprimatur and has been endorsed by the Catholic Education Service, and we will continue to work closely with the Catholic Church and the CES to secure the same for Books 2 and 3.

Access all the teaching and learning resources you need to easily deliver an engaging KS3 curriculum which meets the requirements of the new RED.

These time-saving digital packages are available on our user-friendly platform Boost. Choose between a Core and Premium subscription: both include access to the teaching and learning resources and a teacher eBook for planning and front-of-class teaching, but Premium also includes unlimited eBooks for students.

Book 2 sample now available!

Book 2 sample now available!

Click below to download chapter 1 from Spirit and Life Book 2.

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We ran a free, 45-minute webinar in July 2022 to support teachers getting ready for the RED and showcase our new Spirit and Life resources. Experienced teacher, author and advisor Paul McHugh outlines what you need to know about the Directory and explores how our new suite of resources can help you navigate and deliver your new curriculum with confidence.

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