How we use Biological Sciences Review Magazine to teach
A-level Biology effectively

Magdalen college school

Head of Sciences, Magdalen College School, Northamptonshire

“Biological Sciences Review helped me develop my own confidence in my background knowledge at the start of my career"

"Reading Biological Sciences Review helped me develop my own confidence in my background knowledge at the start of my career. I think it is a great help, particularly for the most able students.

Our students’ results at GCSE are consistently amongst the highest in the county, and our A-level results are good and improving (Biology: 26% A*–B and 73% A*–C; Chemistry: 27% A*–B and 64% A*–C; Physics 60% A*–B and 90% A–C at A Level). 

The magazine is jam-packed with highly relevant, engaging content. Many of our students complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) each year, and often students choose their topics for further study from something they have read in Biological Sciences Review.

With both my A Level (Year 12 and 13) classes, my stack of Biological Sciences Review is given out to students that finish tasks faster than others. Sometimes I direct students to specific articles, and other times I let them choose to read whatever interests them.

My students like the Bio Review Extras links that allow them to find extension material. This makes the magazine a little more interactive. I would say that they appreciate the general style and content of the articles. 

It is essential for students going on to Higher Education to be able to read and deepen their understanding from academic prose. The articles in
Biological Sciences Review are very accessible for students and are in a format that will prepare them for their future study (and hopefully their
own publications)."