Diversity, Representation and Inclusion

Our values, created by the people that work here, underpin everything we do.

‘All teachers and students at the heart of what we do’ is one of those core values.

We try to embody this value by driving our efforts to make a difference in education, specifically in promoting and developing a more diverse and representative curriculum.

We know that this is an ongoing process. We will continue to reflect, learn and improve.


Actions, not words

Our commitment to diversity, representation and inclusion is driven by our team, where real change can happen, day after day.

Each department has identified what they will do more of, do better, do differently.

Added together, these departmental actions cover the whole process of resource creation, from an initial idea to seeing completed materials in the classroom.

Added together, these actions will help us to ensure that every student feels seen, heard and respected when they use our resources.


Changing the Story

The Hodder Education Group is part of Hachette UK, one of the leading UK publishing groups. Hachette UK aims to be the publisher and employer of choice for all people, regardless of age, faith, disability, race, gender, sexuality or socio-economic background.

‘Changing the Story’ was created to have impactful, meaningful and sustainable change in all areas of diversity and inclusion. It has evolved into one of four pillars of Hachette UK, which are underpinned by our core aim that we should be a publisher for all.

We define ‘Changing the Story’ as the programme of strategic policies and programmes, cultural initiatives and progressive partnerships that will help us to reach our objective.

Our ambition is for our staff, our publishing, and our authors, illustrators and designers to reflect the society we live in. You can find out more about ‘Changing the Story’ here.


Work with us

Collaboration is key to how we work. Greater diversity within our workforce will improve representation in our resources. We are actively looking to expand the range of people that we employ and partner with.

Would you like to write for us or deliver professional development training? Could you help us to review our resources before we publish them? Please fill in your details on this form.

Do you design marketing materials? We’d love to hear from you. Email marketing.team@hoddereducation.co.uk with your details and some samples of your work.


Talk to us

We are committed to improving representation and inclusion in our resources. We will continue to learn and change to help us to achieve this. But we are aware that we may not have always got it right.

We welcome your feedback. If you’ve spotted something that should be better in our resources, please do get in touch by filling in this form.