Hodder Educaiton's events and accessibility

To ensure that all teachers and students can attend our in-venue workshops and conferences, plus take part in online webinar, we have provided information below about how we can support everyone.

Should you wish to plan some assistance ahead of your visit, please contact us via email at events@hoddereducation.co.uk and we will do our utmost to offer our support during your visit.

Supporting all teachers and students

  • To support all learning styles, we can send the course materials out to you, digitally, 24 hours before the event takes place. Please note, this is for in-venue events only. 
  • We are more than happy to allow Support Assistants to attend our Student Conferences for free, alongside a paid student place.

Venues accessible for all

  • We strive to use venues that are close to public transport and will provide maps that show the most accessible routes.
  • Most venues that host our events have wheelchair friendly access, that are in line with Wheelchair Access Regulations UK. Inside most of the venues, all areas are wheelchair friendly with level access, door controls and lifts to the other floors.
  • Seating can be reserved for teachers and students who require additional needs or wheelchair access.
  • Accessible toilet facilities are available across all venues.
  • Throughout the venues, our signage is clear, directional and located in all public areas.

Induction loop facilities

  • Induction loop facilities are available at most of the venues we use for our workshops and conferences. If you do require the induction loop facilities, please do contact events@hoddereducation.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

Assistance dogs

  • We welcome teachers and students who have an assistance dog but would appreciate advance notification (in line with GDBA guidelines). Please contact events@hoddereducation.co.uk.

Visual and hearing assistance

  • As part of our drive to support all teachers and students, we are more than happy to arrange BSL translators at our events if required.

Dietary requirements

  • Any dietary requirements are requested in advance of the event.

Fire safety and risk assessment

  • All venues that we use have an approved Health and Safety Management Plan which incorporates Fire Safety Policy and Fire Evacuation Procedures.
  • All venues have emergency personnel on duty to act as Fire Marshalls and First Aiders, whilst the Hodder Education on-site representative will be briefed on the fire evacuation procedure.
  • If you require a risk assessment form for the event, please let us know and we will happily provide you with one.

Prayer rooms

  • We strive to ensure that suitable prayer rooms are available.

Online events

  • Closed Captions: Zoom provides real-time closed captions during the webinar allowing participants to follow the content more easily

  • Keyboard Navigation: The webinar interface and platform can be easily navigated using only a keyboard benefits participants who cannot use a mouse due to motor disabilities or other reasons.

  • Accessible Presentation Slides: Our trainers are requested to create slides that are clear, easy to read, and follow accessibility guidelines. 

  • Polls and Q&A: We utilise interactive features such as polls and Q&A sessions, which can accommodate different learning styles and preferences.

  • Technical Support: Hodder Education offer technical support before and during the webinar to assist participants who might encounter accessibility-related issues.

At Hodder Education, we work closely with schools, colleges, leading authors and expert CPD trainers to create high-quality on-demand resource packs and deliver exceptional teacher training and student events. We know that every classroom need is different which is why we have expanded our opportunities to ensure you and your students can access our events in a way that works for you. Explore our full range here.