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Help your students to continue their independent learning outside of the classroom with a mix of print and digital resources.


Discover our range of eBooks from Boost and Dynamic Learning. Flexible, downloadable versions of the printed textbook, purchased on a copy-by-copy basis at a lower cost. Students can access content online or offline.


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My Revision Notes

My Revision Notes are great for improving understanding and working independently, with all the content students need to know in a handy, accessible format. Now available in print and digital formats.


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Student Guides

Reinforce understanding throughout the course with clear topic summaries and sample questions and answers to help students target higher grades. Available now in print and digital formats.


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Student Workbooks

Practise and perfect knowledge and skills with hundreds of activities and practice questions in these write-in workbooks.


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Student Magazines

Fifteen topical, student-friendly magazines for A-level and GCSE students, available in both print and e-format. Our Review Magazines are full of practical features to help students develop and extend their knowledge, put learning into context and are perfect for independent learning.


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Contact your local Sales Consultant

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