Curriculum for Wales: History for 11–14 years

Tell the story of Wales over the last 1000 years, as you discover how Welsh history, cynefin, culture and language are connected, from the past to the present.

Underpinned by the four purposes of the new Curriculum for Wales, our History book empowers pupils with the knowledge and skills that they need for learning, life and work.

  • Available in paperback and eBook formats
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View our sample booklet

View our sample booklet

Contains material from three enquiries

View sample
Design a curriculum that is unique to your school

Use the content flexibly to craft a historical education that reflects your pupils and your local area, as well as covering ‘What matters’ statements within the Humanities AoLE

Follow an enquiry-based approach

Starting in early medieval times, this book establishes a strong chronological spine, with later enquiries looking at changes in Wales thematically

Develop analytical and evaluative skills

A wide range of sources and interpretations encourage pupils to think like historians, using evidence to consider change and continuity, cause and consequence

Put progression at the heart of the curriculum

End-of-topic Activities build towards more in-depth end-of-enquiry Review and Research tasks. All activities and tasks enable each pupil to move through their individual learning journey towards their next ‘Progression step’

Explore the rich history of Wales and the global context

Understanding events and issues in Wales and the wider world – and the development of Wales as a multicultural society – will help pupils to become ethical, informed citizens

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