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I am Zoe, Teacher of Business Studies at the Lord Grey Academy in Milton Keynes. I have been helping with the development of Boost now for just coming up to 2 years. I have been involved in the development stages of the platform from deciding on a name, to deciding on the content and layout. As well as more recently the testing of it, prior to it going live.

I have participated in a range of activities from face to face interviews with the developers (pre-Covid), to online focus groups, to actually testing the platform to help iron out any issues, as well as to give input into how it works from a teaching point of view. A number of our students were also involved in the early stages of development and were able to give their own insight into what they would like to see from an online learning platform.

What I most like about Boost is how intuitive it is for the students to engage with. The resources are clear and informative and will help them to Boost their knowledge on the courses they are studying. The addition of eBooks means they are never far away from the information they need to aid them with revision. From a teaching perspective it is reassuring to know that the students are accessing good quality resources to add to what they are learning in the classroom.

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