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Sherrick Hamilton, Head of Computer Science and IT Services

My name is Sherrick Hamilton and I am the Head Computer Science and IT Services at Bethany School. I have been helping with Boost since September 2018. Working with James Goodill and the team, I have been able to see how Boost has been designed, built and tested, from its concept stages, all the way through to the final product.

I have reviewed wireframes, conducted usability tests and commented upon how the product would not only work from a teacher’s perspective but also for the students too. I am very grateful to Hodder for asking teachers to be a part of the development process as it truly shows that they have the teachers and students in mind when developing products.

Boost is a great resource for both teachers and students to use the online textbooks, interact with engaging resources and record progress all in one place. This will definitely help making resources streamlined, improve time efficiency when planning and preparing lessons and accurately measure the progress of each student.

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